Doctor Who Trading Cards

Doctor Who Trading Card
Doctor Who trading card is also part of the Doctor Who merchandise. There were many trading cards that have been created for the Doctor Who TV series. The first trading cards that were used as giveaways were included with Walls 'Sky Ray' ice lollys with a total of 36 trading cards. The trading cards showed "the Doctor" with longer hair. This was based on "the Doctor" (Patrick Troughton) joining 'Sky Ray Space Raiders' to fight the Daleks.

Then later on the trading cards were placed in an album known as 'Dr Who's Space Adventure Book'. Other inclusions of this album were games and several other features. During Tom Baker's era, there were 12 Doctor Who trading cards released that were also placed in an album named as 'The Amazing World of Dr. Who'. The album included several other monsters.

Here at, you will be able to find several Doctor Who trading cards. Most of the cards have been signed by several actors and actresses who was a part of the TV series. Autographed cards of the following actors/actresses are available here such as Ingrid Pitt, Frazer Hines, Elizabeth Sladen, Colin Baker and many others.